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Danny Murtaugh

Daniel Edward Murtaugh
Born: October 8, 1917
Chester, PA USA
Deceased: December 2, 1976
Coaching Career: 1957-1976

Danny Murtaugh compiled a record of 1115 wins and 950 losses in his coaching career with the Pittsburgh Pirates. He began coaching during the 1957 season and last coached during the 1976 campaign.

Coaching Record:

1957NLPittsburgh Pirates512625.5107
1958NLPittsburgh Pirates1548470.5452
1959NLPittsburgh Pirates1557876.5034
1960NLPittsburgh Pirates1559559.6131
1961NLPittsburgh Pirates1547579.4876
1962NLPittsburgh Pirates1619368.5784
1963NLPittsburgh Pirates1627488.4578
1964NLPittsburgh Pirates1628082.4946
1967NLPittsburgh Pirates793939.4946
1970NLPittsburgh Pirates1628973.5491
1971NLPittsburgh Pirates1629765.5991
1973NLPittsburgh Pirates261313.5003
1974NLPittsburgh Pirates1628874.5431
1975NLPittsburgh Pirates1619269.5711
1976NLPittsburgh Pirates1629270.5682
Totals15 seasons20681115950.5393.5


1960 - TSN Manager of the Year
1970 - TSN Manager of the Year