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Bill Rigney

William Joseph Rigney
Born: January 29, 1918
Alameda, CA USA
Deceased: February 20, 2001
Coaching Career: 1956-1976

Bill Rigney compiled a record of 1239 wins and 1321 losses in his coaching career with the New York Giants, San Francisco Giants, Los Angeles Angels, California Angels and Minnesota Twins. He began coaching during the 1956 season and last coached during the 1976 campaign.

Coaching Record:

1956NLNew York Giants1546787.4356
1957NLNew York Giants1546985.4486
1958NLSan Francisco Giants1548074.5193
1959NLSan Francisco Giants1548371.5393
1960NLSan Francisco Giants583325.5695
1961ALLos Angeles Angels1627091.4328
1962ALLos Angeles Angels1628676.5313
1963ALLos Angeles Angels1617091.4359
1964ALLos Angeles Angels1628280.5065
1965ALCalifornia Angels1627587.4637
1966ALCalifornia Angels1628082.4946
1967ALCalifornia Angels1618477.5225
1968ALCalifornia Angels1626795.4148
1969ALCalifornia Angels391128.2823
1970ALMinnesota Twins1629864.6051
1971ALMinnesota Twins1607486.4635
1972ALMinnesota Twins703634.5143
1976NLSan Francisco Giants1627488.4574
Totals18 seasons256112391321.4845.0


1962 - TSN Manager of the Year