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Seattle Supersonics

1968-69 Seattle Supersonics Game Results

National Basketball Association (NBA)
Team Record: 30-52
Finished 6th in the NBA's Western Division

Coach: Al Bianchi (30-52)

1968-69 Seattle Supersonics Statistics
1968-69 Seattle Supersonics Roster

The Seattle Supersonics of the National Basketball Association ended the 1968-69 season with a record of 30 wins and 52 losses, finishing sixth in the NBA's Western Division. Al Bianchi coached the team.

Regular Season Points For: 9191
Regular Season Points Against: 9589

October 17, 1968Seattle Supersonics 110 at San Diego Rockets 128L0-0-00-1-00-1-0
October 18, 1968Seattle Supersonics 107 at Phoenix Suns 116L0-0-00-2-00-2-0
October 19, 1968San Francisco Warriors 107 at Seattle Supersonics 95L0-1-00-2-00-3-0
October 21, 1968Baltimore Bullets 111 at Seattle Supersonics 104L0-2-00-2-00-4-0 at Vancouver, BC
October 23, 1968San Diego Rockets 117 at Seattle Supersonics 118W1-2-00-2-01-4-0
October 25, 1968Atlanta Hawks 112 at Seattle Supersonics 123W2-2-00-2-02-4-0
October 27, 1968Baltimore Bullets 126 at Seattle Supersonics 114L2-3-00-2-02-5-0
October 30, 1968Phoenix Suns 115 at Seattle Supersonics 108L2-4-00-2-02-6-0
November 2, 1968Chicago Bulls 95 at Seattle Supersonics 101W3-4-00-2-03-6-0
November 3, 1968New York Knicks 122 at Seattle Supersonics 108L3-5-00-2-03-7-0
November 6, 1968Seattle Supersonics 118 at Detroit Pistons 127L3-5-00-3-03-8-0
November 7, 1968Seattle Supersonics 105 at Chicago Bulls 120L3-5-00-4-03-9-0
November 8, 1968Seattle Supersonics 114 at Boston Celtics 112W3-5-01-4-04-9-0
November 9, 1968Seattle Supersonics 94 at Philadelphia 76ers 114L3-5-01-5-04-10-0
November 11, 1968Philadelphia 76ers 127 at Seattle Supersonics 117L3-6-01-5-04-11-0 at Boston, MA
November 12, 1968Seattle Supersonics 114 at Milwaukee Bucks 127L3-6-01-6-04-12-0
November 13, 1968Atlanta Hawks 142 at Seattle Supersonics 113L3-7-01-6-04-13-0
November 15, 1968Phoenix Suns 124 at Seattle Supersonics 128W4-7-01-6-05-13-0
November 16, 1968Detroit Pistons 119 at Seattle Supersonics 123W5-7-01-6-06-13-0
November 17, 1968Seattle Supersonics 94 at Los Angeles Lakers 105L5-7-01-7-06-14-0
November 20, 1968Boston Celtics 139 at Seattle Supersonics 92L5-8-01-7-06-15-0
November 22, 1968Seattle Supersonics 111 at San Diego Rockets 126L5-8-01-8-06-16-0
November 23, 1968Seattle Supersonics 119 at San Francisco Warriors 132L5-8-01-9-06-17-0
November 24, 1968Milwaukee Bucks 120 at Seattle Supersonics 141W6-8-01-9-07-17-0
November 25, 1968Seattle Supersonics 123 at Milwaukee Bucks 113W6-8-02-9-08-17-0 at Vancouver, BC
November 26, 1968Chicago Bulls 98 at Seattle Supersonics 99W7-8-02-9-09-17-0
November 28, 1968Milwaukee Bucks 103 at Seattle Supersonics 115W8-8-02-9-010-17-0
December 2, 1968Seattle Supersonics 118 at Phoenix Suns 108W8-8-03-9-011-17-0
December 3, 1968Seattle Supersonics 122 at San Francisco Warriors 127L8-8-03-10-011-18-0
December 6, 1968San Francisco Warriors 100 at Seattle Supersonics 109W9-8-03-10-012-18-0
December 7, 1968Seattle Supersonics 115 at San Francisco Warriors 107W9-8-04-10-013-18-0
December 12, 1968Atlanta Hawks 93 at Seattle Supersonics 91L9-9-04-10-013-19-0
December 14, 1968Los Angeles Lakers 136 at Seattle Supersonics 120L9-10-04-10-013-20-0
December 15, 1968Seattle Supersonics 114 at Los Angeles Lakers 115L9-10-04-11-013-21-0
December 18, 1968Philadelphia 76ers 115 at Seattle Supersonics 111L9-11-04-11-013-22-0
December 20, 1968Seattle Supersonics 92 at Milwaukee Bucks 100L9-11-04-12-013-23-0
December 21, 1968Seattle Supersonics 105 at New York Knicks 131L9-11-04-13-013-24-0
December 25, 1968Seattle Supersonics 112 at Baltimore Bullets 118L9-11-04-14-013-25-0
December 26, 1968Seattle Supersonics 96 at Atlanta Hawks 126L9-11-04-15-013-26-0
December 28, 1968New York Knicks 111 at Seattle Supersonics 108L9-12-04-15-013-27-0
December 29, 1968New York Knicks 120 at Seattle Supersonics 112L9-13-04-15-013-28-0 at Vancouver, BC
December 30, 1968Phoenix Suns 118 at Seattle Supersonics 120W10-13-04-15-014-28-0
January 4, 1969Seattle Supersonics 105 at San Diego Rockets 122L10-13-04-16-014-29-0
January 6, 1969Boston Celtics 121 at Seattle Supersonics 97L10-14-04-16-014-30-0
January 7, 1969Seattle Supersonics 112 at Phoenix Suns 116L10-14-04-17-014-31-0
January 9, 1969Seattle Supersonics 119 at Cincinnati Royals 110W10-14-05-17-015-31-0 at Cleveland, OH
January 10, 1969Seattle Supersonics 104 at Milwaukee Bucks 115L10-14-05-18-015-32-0
January 11, 1969Seattle Supersonics 86 at Chicago Bulls 119L10-14-05-19-015-33-0
January 17, 1969New York Knicks 114 at Seattle Supersonics 94L10-15-05-19-015-34-0 at Philadelphia, PA
January 18, 1969Seattle Supersonics 97 at Boston Celtics 111L10-15-05-20-015-35-0
January 21, 1969Seattle Supersonics 106 at New York Knicks 113L10-15-05-21-015-36-0
January 22, 1969Seattle Supersonics 98 at Baltimore Bullets 94W10-15-06-21-016-36-0
January 27, 1969Seattle Supersonics 128 at Milwaukee Bucks 107W10-15-07-21-017-36-0 at Tacoma, WA
January 29, 1969Seattle Supersonics 124 at Boston Celtics 122W10-15-08-21-018-36-0 at Philadelphia, PA
January 30, 1969Detroit Pistons 144 at Seattle Supersonics 118L10-16-08-21-018-37-0 at Baltimore, MD
January 31, 1969Seattle Supersonics 119 at Atlanta Hawks 112W10-16-09-21-019-37-0
February 1, 1969Seattle Supersonics 96 at Cincinnati Royals 111L10-16-09-22-019-38-0
February 3, 1969Los Angeles Lakers 107 at Seattle Supersonics 114W11-16-09-22-020-38-0
February 4, 1969Seattle Supersonics 116 at San Francisco Warriors 111W11-16-010-22-021-38-0
February 5, 1969Philadelphia 76ers 119 at Seattle Supersonics 115L11-17-010-22-021-39-0
February 7, 1969Cincinnati Royals 97 at Seattle Supersonics 102W12-17-010-22-022-39-0
February 9, 1969San Francisco Warriors 121 at Seattle Supersonics 120L12-18-010-22-022-40-0
February 12, 1969Los Angeles Lakers 109 at Seattle Supersonics 92L12-19-010-22-022-41-0
February 16, 1969Detroit Pistons 119 at Seattle Supersonics 127W13-19-010-22-023-41-0
February 18, 1969Chicago Bulls 113 at Seattle Supersonics 114W14-19-010-22-024-41-0
February 19, 1969Detroit Pistons 131 at Seattle Supersonics 124L14-20-010-22-024-42-0
February 21, 1969Philadelphia 76ers 115 at Seattle Supersonics 109L14-21-010-22-024-43-0
February 23, 1969Boston Celtics 116 at Seattle Supersonics 118W15-21-010-22-025-43-0
February 25, 1969Seattle Supersonics 111 at Los Angeles Lakers 114L15-21-010-23-025-44-0
February 26, 1969Chicago Bulls 124 at Seattle Supersonics 122L15-22-010-23-025-45-0
March 1, 1969Cincinnati Royals 122 at Seattle Supersonics 134W16-22-010-23-026-45-0
March 3, 1969Cincinnati Royals 113 at Seattle Supersonics 107L16-23-010-23-026-46-0
March 4, 1969San Diego Rockets 116 at Seattle Supersonics 130W17-23-010-23-027-46-0
March 8, 1969Baltimore Bullets 117 at Seattle Supersonics 138W18-23-010-23-028-46-0
March 12, 1969Seattle Supersonics 125 at San Diego Rockets 112W18-23-011-23-029-46-0 at Vancouver, BC
March 13, 1969Seattle Supersonics 141 at Milwaukee Bucks 118W18-23-012-23-030-46-0 at Green Bay, WI
March 15, 1969Seattle Supersonics 83 at Chicago Bulls 101L18-23-012-24-030-47-0
March 16, 1969Seattle Supersonics 127 at Atlanta Hawks 131L18-23-012-25-030-48-0
March 18, 1969Seattle Supersonics 120 at Baltimore Bullets 130L18-23-012-26-030-49-0
March 19, 1969Seattle Supersonics 115 at Philadelphia 76ers 136L18-23-012-27-030-50-0
March 21, 1969Seattle Supersonics 104 at Detroit Pistons 110L18-23-012-28-030-51-0
March 22, 1969Seattle Supersonics 127 at Cincinnati Royals 134L18-23-012-29-030-52-0