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Hammond Ciesar All-Americans

1939-40 Hammond Ciesar All-Americans Statistics

National Basketball League (NBL)
Team Record: 9-19
Finished 4th in the NBL's West Division

1939-40 Hammond Ciesar All-Americans Roster
1939-40 Hammond Ciesar All-Americans Game-by-Game Results

The Hammond Ciesar All-Americans of the National Basketball League ended the 1939-40 season with a record of 9 wins and 19 losses, finishing fourth in the NBL's West Division.

Player Totals:

Robert NeuG-F2400449571000000028159
Darwin HutchinsC-F2400595938000000041156
James GoffF-C2600682212000000024148
Glynn DowneyG2200375241000000056115
Jim CurrieG-F2700384129000000049105
Charles ChuckovitsF-G140030493000000002690
Vince McGowanC-F170029392400000005682
Joe SotakF-C230021301900000002861
Nicholas YostF-C800181170000000743
George HoganG-F1300170700000002941
Tommy NisbetG5004080000000016
Dale HamiltonG-F7005010000000011
Gordon McCombG200101000000003
Joe SpudichF200100000000002
Al Hanisko100000000000000
Harold SwansonG-F200000000000000

Player Averages Per Game:

Robert NeuG-F240.
Darwin HutchinsC-F240.
Charles ChuckovitsF-G140.
James GoffF-C260.
Nicholas YostF-C80.
Glynn DowneyG220.
Vince McGowanC-F170.
Jim CurrieG-F270.
Tommy NisbetG50.
George HoganG-F130.
Joe SotakF-C230.
Dale HamiltonG-F70.
Gordon McCombG20.
Joe SpudichF20.
Al Hanisko10.
Harold SwansonG-F20.