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Cleveland Chase Brassmen

1943-44 Cleveland Chase Brassmen Statistics

National Basketball League (NBL)
Team Record: 3-15
Finished 4th in the NBL

Lost conference semi-finals

1943-44 Cleveland Chase Brassmen Roster
1943-44 Cleveland Chase Brassmen Game-by-Game Results

The Cleveland Chase Brassmen of the National Basketball League ended the 1943-44 season with a record of 3 wins and 15 losses, finishing fourth in the NBL. The 1943-44 Cleveland Chase Brassmen lost in the conference semi-finals.

Player Totals:

Mel RiebeG-F180011313497000000048323
Willard RiebeG18004402300000000111
Pete LalichF17004402100000000109
Ned EndressF-G-C1600250150000000065
Willard SwihartF-C1500140110000000039
Vito KubilusG1600110100000000032
John PoncarC-F180011080000000030
William SmithC4009060000000024
Frank GarciaG-F7008070000000023
Harold CihlarF-C400001000000001
Bill BrownellC100000000000000

Player Averages Per Game:

Mel RiebeG-F180.
Pete LalichF170.
Willard RiebeG180.
William SmithC40.
Ned EndressF-G-C160.
Frank GarciaG-F70.
Willard SwihartF-C150.
Vito KubilusG160.
John PoncarC-F180.
Harold CihlarF-C40.
Bill BrownellC10.