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Fort Wayne Zollner Pistons

1946-47 Fort Wayne Zollner Pistons Statistics

National Basketball League (NBL)
Team Record: 25-19
Finished 2nd in the NBL's East Division

Lost conference finals

1946-47 Fort Wayne Zollner Pistons Roster
1946-47 Fort Wayne Zollner Pistons Game-by-Game Results

The Fort Wayne Zollner Pistons of the National Basketball League ended the 1946-47 season with a record of 25 wins and 19 losses, finishing second in the NBL's East Division. The 1946-47 Fort Wayne Zollner Pistons lost in the conference finals.

Player Totals:

Chick ReiserG-F44001531391040000000153410
Curly ArmstrongG-F44001271951340000000145388
Jake PelkingtonC-F42001291661250000000117383
Bob ToughG-F44001248155000000073303
Blackie ToweryF-C4100100134800000000123280
Bob KinneyC-F440010284420000000129246
Bobby McDermottG140059604100000000159
Milo KomenichF-C3600505023000000059123
Richie NiemieraG-F13002823170000000073
Jerry BushF-C21002621140000000066
Frank GatesG-F1600201690000000049
Charley ShippG-F14001216110000000035
Jerome SteinerG160012950000000029
Johannes DieneltG13004430000000011
Ken BuehlerF-C80041030000000011
Ben GardnerC-F100000000000000
Lyle NeatG102000000000000

Player Averages Per Game:

Bobby McDermottG140.
Chick ReiserG-F440.
Jake PelkingtonC-F420.
Curly ArmstrongG-F440.
Bob ToughG-F440.
Blackie ToweryF-C410.
Richie NiemieraG-F130.
Bob KinneyC-F440.
Milo KomenichF-C360.
Frank GatesG-F160.
Jerry BushF-C210.
Charley ShippG-F140.
Jerome SteinerG160.
Ken BuehlerF-C80.
Johannes DieneltG130.
Lyle NeatG10.
Ben GardnerC-F10.