Birmingham Barracudas

Years in league: 1995
Owner: Art Williams
Stadium: Legion Field (75,017)
Colors: Teal, Black, Blue, Burnt Orange
Overall Regular Season Record: 11-7
Overall Playoff Record: 0-1

Yearly Standings and Average Home Attendance

1995: 11-7 (16,843)

The Barracudas were coached by Jack Pardee, who had coached in the WFL, NFL, USFL and University of Houston before joining the Barracudas. They were led by veteran CFL quarterback Matt Dunigan and made the playoffs in their one and only year of operation. Attendance for games was decent in the early going, but once the college football season started, it dropped drastically.

Their owner, Art Williams, complained near the end of the season that he had probably lost between 4 to 6 million on the team. Others estimated his losses at closer to $10 million.

  • 1995 Barracudas Game Results and Attendances