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Coach: Jack Hennemeier (4-12)


The of the ended the season with a record of wins and losses, Jack Hennemeier coached the team.

Regular Season Points For: 209
Regular Season Points Against: 299

August 20, 1955Edmonton Eskimos 13 at Calgary Stampeders 10L0-1-00-0-00-1-0
August 22, 1955Calgary Stampeders 8 at BC Lions 14L0-1-00-1-00-2-0
August 27, 1955Saskatchewan Roughriders 29 at Calgary Stampeders 12L0-2-00-1-00-3-0
August 29, 1955Calgary Stampeders 15 at Winnipeg Blue Bombers 13W0-2-01-1-01-3-0
September 5, 1955Winnipeg Blue Bombers 9 at Calgary Stampeders 12W1-2-01-1-02-3-0
September 10, 1955Calgary Stampeders 23 at Saskatchewan Roughriders 24L1-2-01-2-02-4-0
September 12, 1955Calgary Stampeders 12 at Edmonton Eskimos 24L1-2-01-3-02-5-0
September 19, 1955BC Lions 24 at Calgary Stampeders 18L1-3-01-3-02-6-0
September 24, 1955Edmonton Eskimos 15 at Calgary Stampeders 0L1-4-01-3-02-7-0
September 26, 1955Calgary Stampeders 6 at Winnipeg Blue Bombers 25L1-4-01-4-02-8-0
October 3, 1955BC Lions 6 at Calgary Stampeders 18W2-4-01-4-03-8-0
October 8, 1955Winnipeg Blue Bombers 13 at Calgary Stampeders 12L2-5-01-4-03-9-0
October 10, 1955Calgary Stampeders 16 at Saskatchewan Roughriders 18L2-5-01-5-03-10-0
October 15, 1955Calgary Stampeders 18 at BC Lions 36L2-5-01-6-03-11-0
October 24, 1955Saskatchewan Roughriders 6 at Calgary Stampeders 24W3-5-01-6-04-11-0
October 29, 1955Calgary Stampeders 5 at Edmonton Eskimos 30L3-5-01-7-04-12-0