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Coach: Pepper Rodgers (11-7)


The of the ended the season with a record of wins and losses, Pepper Rodgers coached the team.

Regular Season Points For: 428
Regular Season Points Against: 337

February 2, 1985New Jersey Generals 16 at Memphis Showboats 3L0-1-00-0-00-1-0 Charlotte, NC
February 9, 1985Baltimore Stars 14 at Memphis Showboats 9L0-2-00-0-00-2-0 Winter Haven, FL
February 16, 1985Memphis Showboats 13 at Jacksonville Bulls 10W0-2-01-0-01-2-0
February 25, 1985Memphis Showboats 20 at San Antonio Gunslingers 3W0-0-01-0-01-0-0
March 4, 1985Memphis Showboats 24 at Jacksonville Bulls 14W0-0-02-0-02-0-0
March 9, 1985Baltimore Stars 19 at Memphis Showboats 21W1-0-02-0-03-0-0
March 16, 1985Memphis Showboats 19 at Birmingham Stallions 34L1-0-02-1-03-1-0
March 24, 1985Oakland Invaders 31 at Memphis Showboats 19L1-1-02-1-03-2-0
March 29, 1985Tampa Bay Bandits 28 at Memphis Showboats 20L1-2-02-1-03-3-0
April 4, 1985Memphis Showboats 17 at Orlando Renegades 28L1-2-02-2-03-4-0
April 14, 1985Memphis Showboats 13 at Baltimore Stars 10W1-2-03-2-04-4-0
April 19, 1985New Jersey Generals 21 at Memphis Showboats 18L1-3-03-2-04-5-0
April 27, 1985Memphis Showboats 33 at Denver Gold 17W1-3-04-2-05-5-0
May 3, 1985Birmingham Stallions 24 at Memphis Showboats 38W2-3-04-2-06-5-0
May 12, 1985Houston Gamblers 15 at Memphis Showboats 17W3-3-04-2-07-5-0
May 18, 1985Memphis Showboats 38 at Tampa Bay Bandits 14W3-3-05-2-08-5-0
May 25, 1985Memphis Showboats 14 at Portland Breakers 17L3-3-05-3-08-6-0
June 1, 1985Memphis Showboats 7 at New Jersey Generals 17L3-3-05-4-08-7-0
June 7, 1985Orlando Renegades 17 at Memphis Showboats 41W4-3-05-4-09-7-0
June 15, 1985Jacksonville Bulls 0 at Memphis Showboats 31W5-3-05-4-010-7-0
June 22, 1985Arizona Outlaws 28 at Memphis Showboats 38W6-3-05-4-011-7-0
June 30, 1985Denver Gold 7 at Memphis Showboats 48W1-0-00-0-01-0-0 Quarterfinals
July 6, 1985Oakland Invaders 28 at Memphis Showboats 19L1-1-00-0-01-1-0 Semifinals