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Wally Buono

Pasquale Buono
Born: February 7, 1950
Potenza, Italy
Coaching Career: -28

Wally Buono compiled a record of 282 wins and 165 losses with 3 ties in his coaching career with the Calgary Stampeders and BC Lions. He began coaching during the 1990 season and last coached during the 2018 campaign.

Coaching Record:

1990CFLCalgary Stampeders181161.639101
1991CFLCalgary Stampeders181170.611221
1992CFLCalgary Stampeders181350.722120Won Grey Cup
1993CFLCalgary Stampeders181530.833111
1994CFLCalgary Stampeders181530.833111
1995CFLCalgary Stampeders181530.833121
1996CFLCalgary Stampeders181350.722101
1997CFLCalgary Stampeders181080.556201
1998CFLCalgary Stampeders181260.667120Won Grey Cup
1999CFLCalgary Stampeders181260.667221
2000CFLCalgary Stampeders181251.694101
2001CFLCalgary Stampeders188100.444230Won Grey Cup
2002CFLCalgary Stampeders186120.3335
2003CFLBC Lions181170.611401
2004CFLBC Lions181350.722111
2005CFLBC Lions181260.667101
2006CFLBC Lions181350.722120Won Grey Cup
2007CFLBC Lions181431.806101
2008CFLBC Lions181170.611311
2009CFLBC Lions188100.444411
2010CFLBC Lions188100.444301
2011CFLBC Lions181170.611120Won Grey Cup
2016CFLBC Lions181260.66711
2017CFLBC Lions187110.389
2018CFLBC Lions18990.500401
Totals25 seasons4502821653.6301.82318


1992 - Annis Stukus Trophy (Coach of the Year)
1993 - Annis Stukus Trophy (Coach of the Year)
2006 - Annis Stukus Trophy (Coach of the Year)
2011 - Annis Stukus Trophy (Coach of the Year)