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Sid Gillman

Sidney Gillman
Born: October 26, 1911
Minneapolis, MN USA
Deceased: January 3, 2003
Carlsbad, CA USA
Coaching Career: -19
Elected to Pro Football Hall of Fame in 1983.

Sid Gillman compiled a record of 122 wins and 99 losses with 7 ties in his coaching career with the Los Angeles Rams, Los Angeles Chargers, San Diego Chargers and Houston Oilers. He began coaching during the 1955 season and last coached during the 1974 campaign.

Coaching Record:

1955NFLLos Angeles Rams12831.708101
1956NFLLos Angeles Rams12480.3335
1957NFLLos Angeles Rams12660.5004
1958NFLLos Angeles Rams12840.6672
1959NFLLos Angeles Rams122100.1676
1960AFLLos Angeles Chargers141040.714101
1961AFLSan Diego Chargers141220.857101
1962AFLSan Diego Chargers144100.2863
1963AFLSan Diego Chargers141130.786110AFL Champions
1964AFLSan Diego Chargers14851.607101
1965AFLSan Diego Chargers14923.750101
1966AFLSan Diego Chargers14761.5363
1967AFLSan Diego Chargers14851.6073
1968AFLSan Diego Chargers14950.6433
1969AFLSan Diego Chargers9450.4443
1971NFLSan Diego Chargers10460.4003
1973NFLHouston Oilers9180.1114
1974NFLHouston Oilers14770.5002
Totals18 seasons228122997.5502.615