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George Halas

George Stanley Halas , "Papa Bear"
Born: February 2, 1895
Chicago, IL USA
Deceased: October 31, 1983
Chicago, IL
Coaching Career: -47
Elected to Pro Football Hall of Fame in 1963.

George Halas compiled a record of 318 wins and 148 losses with 31 ties in his coaching career with the Decatur Staleys, Chicago Staleys, Chicago Bears, Chicago Rockets and Chicago Hornets. He began coaching during the 1920 season and last coached during the 1967 campaign.

Coaching Record:

1920APFADecatur Staleys131012.8462
1921APFAChicago Staleys11911.8641APFA Champions
1922NFLChicago Bears12930.7502
1923NFLChicago Bears12921.7922
1924NFLChicago Bears11614.7272
1925NFLChicago Bears17953.6187
1926NFLChicago Bears161213.8442
1927NFLChicago Bears14932.7143
1928NFLChicago Bears13751.5775
1929NFLChicago Bears15492.3339
1933NFLChicago Bears131021.808110NFL Champions
1934NFLChicago Bears1313001.000101
1935NFLChicago Bears12642.5833
1936NFLChicago Bears12930.7502
1937NFLChicago Bears11911.864101
1938NFLChicago Bears11650.5453
1939NFLChicago Bears11830.7272
1940NFLChicago Bears11830.727110NFL Champions
1941NFLChicago Bears111010.909120NFL Champions
1942NFLChicago Bears55001.0001
1946AAFCChicago Rockets11821.773110NFL Champions
1947AAFCChicago Rockets12840.6672
1948AAFCChicago Rockets121020.8332
1949AAFCChicago Hornets12930.7502
1950NFLChicago Bears12930.750101
1951NFLChicago Bears12750.5834
1952NFLChicago Bears12570.4175
1953NFLChicago Bears12381.2924
1954NFLChicago Bears12840.6672
1955NFLChicago Bears12840.6672
1958NFLChicago Bears12840.6672
1959NFLChicago Bears12840.6672
1960NFLChicago Bears12561.4585
1961NFLChicago Bears14860.5713
1962NFLChicago Bears14950.6433
1963NFLChicago Bears141112.857110NFL Champions
1964NFLChicago Bears14590.3576
1965NFLChicago Bears14950.6433
1966NFLChicago Bears14572.4295
1967NFLChicago Bears14761.5362
Totals40 seasons49731814831.6712.763


- Pro Football Hall of Fame team All-1920s Team
1963 - AP NFL Coach of the Year
1963 - Sporting News NFL Coach of the Year
1965 - AP NFL Coach of the Year
1965 - Sporting News NFL Coach of the Year