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Andy Reid

Andrew Walter Reid
Born: March 19, 1958
Los Angeles, CA USA
Coaching Career: -20

Andy Reid compiled a record of 207 wins and 129 losses with 1 tie in his coaching career with the Philadelphia Eagles and Kansas City Chiefs. He began coaching during the 1999 season and last coached during the 2019 campaign.

Coaching Record:

1999NFLPhiladelphia Eagles165110.3135
2000NFLPhiladelphia Eagles161150.688211
2001NFLPhiladelphia Eagles161150.688121
2002NFLPhiladelphia Eagles161240.750111
2003NFLPhiladelphia Eagles161240.750111
2004NFLPhiladelphia Eagles161330.813121NFC Champions
2005NFLPhiladelphia Eagles166100.3754
2006NFLPhiladelphia Eagles161060.625111
2007NFLPhiladelphia Eagles16880.5004
2008NFLPhiladelphia Eagles16961.594221
2009NFLPhiladelphia Eagles161150.688101
2010NFLPhiladelphia Eagles161060.625101
2011NFLPhiladelphia Eagles16880.5002
2012NFLPhiladelphia Eagles164120.2504
2013NFLKansas City Chiefs161150.68801
2014NFLKansas City Chiefs16970.563
2015NFLKansas City Chiefs161150.68811
2016NFLKansas City Chiefs161240.75001
2017NFLKansas City Chiefs171070.58801
2018NFLKansas City Chiefs161240.750
2019NFLKansas City Chiefs161240.750
Totals21 seasons3372071291.6161.41113


2000 - Sporting News NFL Coach of the Year
2002 - AP NFL Coach of the Year
2002 - Sporting News NFL Coach of the Year