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Dwight Stone

Dwight Stone
Born: January 28, 1964
Florala, AL
High School: Florala (AL)
Position(s): WR-RB
Height: 6'0" Weight: 191
College: Middle Tenn. St.
Career: 1987-2000

Dwight Stone played from 1987 to 2000 with the Pittsburgh Steelers, Carolina Panthers and New York Jets. Stone caught 154 passes for 2,478 yards and 12 receiving touchdowns in his career.


1987NFL Pittsburgh171357.951 0
1988NFL Pittsburgh401273.211 0
1989NFL Pittsburgh10535.332 0
1990NFL Pittsburgh2-6-3.010 0
1991NFL Pittsburgh122.00
1992NFL Pittsburgh121189.830 0
1993NFL Pittsburgh1212110.138 1
1994NFL Pittsburgh273.50
1995NFL Carolina133.00
1996NFL Carolina166.00
1999NFL New York22713.536 0
2000NFL New York331.00
Totals1035965.851 1


1987NFL Pittsburgh12222.022 0
1988NFL Pittsburgh1119617.872 1
1989NFL Pittsburgh79213.116 0
1990NFL Pittsburgh1933217.590 1
1991NFL Pittsburgh3264920.389 5
1992NFL Pittsburgh3450114.749 3
1993NFL Pittsburgh4158714.344 2
1994NFL Pittsburgh78111.625 0
1996NFL Carolina11111.011 0
1998NFL Carolina177.00
Totals154247816.190 12

Kick Returns:

1987NFL Pittsburgh2856820.334 0
1988NFL Pittsburgh2961021.092 1
1989NFL Pittsburgh717324.773 0
1990NFL Pittsburgh59118.224 0
1991NFL Pittsburgh67512.525 0
1992NFL Pittsburgh1221918.328 0
1993NFL Pittsburgh1116815.330 0
1994NFL Pittsburgh1118216.531 0
1995NFL Carolina1226922.440 0
1997NFL Carolina37625.337 0
1998NFL Carolina925228.045 0
1999NFL New York2868924.650 0
2000NFL New York2555522.243 0
Totals186392721.192 1

Defense and Fumbles:

YearTeamTackleSoloAssistDefSTTFLTFL YdsBrupQBHFumF RecF Rec YdsFR TDFFK Blk
1987NFL Pittsburgh01000
1988NFL Pittsburgh5000
1989NFL Pittsburgh21000
1990NFL Pittsburgh1200
1993NFL Pittsburgh2100
1997NFL Carolina0100
1999NFL New York32000
2000NFL New York11000

Total Scoring:

YearTeamRushRecPuntKickMFG RIntFumOtherFGX/CSingle2 PtSafPoints
1988NFL Pittsburgh01100012
1990NFL Pittsburgh0100006
1991NFL Pittsburgh05000030
1992NFL Pittsburgh03000018
1993NFL Pittsburgh12000018
1994NFL Pittsburgh00000012
1997NFL Carolina000012
1998NFL Carolina001006

Playing Career:

1987NFLPittsburgh Steelers140
1988NFLPittsburgh Steelers166
1989NFLPittsburgh Steelers168
1990NFLPittsburgh Steelers162
1991NFLPittsburgh Steelers168
1992NFLPittsburgh Steelers1512
1993NFLPittsburgh Steelers1615
1994NFLPittsburgh Steelers151
1995NFLCarolina Panthers160
1996NFLCarolina Panthers160
1997NFLCarolina Panthers160
1998NFLCarolina Panthers160
1999NFLNew York Jets160
2000NFLNew York Jets120