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Fran Tarkenton

Francis Asbury Tarkenton , "The Scrambler"
Born: February 3, 1940
Richmond, VA
High School: Athens (GA)
Position(s): QB
Height: 6'0" Weight: 190
College: Georgia
Career: 1961-1978
Drafted: 1961 in Round 3, #29 overall by the Minnesota Vikings
Drafted: 1961 in Round 5, #34 overall (AFL) by the Boston Patriots
Pro Football Hall of Fame Class of 1986

Fran Tarkenton played from 1961 to 1978 with the Minnesota Vikings and New York Giants. He was inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame in 1986. Tarkenton threw for 47,003 yards in his career, completing 3,686 of 6,467 passes with 342 touchdowns and 266 interceptions. He also ran for 3,674 yards in 675 attempts with 32 rushing touchdowns.


YearTeamAttCompComp %YdsYds/AttTDsTD %IntsInt %LongSackedYds LostRating
1961NFL Minnesota28015756.119977.1186.4176.171 96.3
1962NFL Minnesota32916349.525957.9226.7257.689 99.6
1963NFL Minnesota29717057.223117.8155.1155.167 99.2
1964NFL Minnesota30617155.925068.2227.2113.664 100.8
1965NFL Minnesota32917152.026097.9195.8113.372 99.6
1966NFL Minnesota35819253.625617.2174.7164.568 96.7
1967NFL New York37720454.130888.2297.7195.070 100.8
1968NFL New York33718254.025557.6216.2123.684 98.3
1969NFL New York40922053.829187.1235.682.065 3628996.3
1970NFL New York38921956.327777.1194.9123.159 3624996.3
1971NFL New York38622658.525676.7112.8215.481 2723294.6
1972NFL Minnesota37821556.926517.0184.8133.476 2620395.8
1973NFL Minnesota27416961.721137.7155.572.654 3127098.8
1974NFL Minnesota35119956.725987.4174.8123.480 1714297.5
1975NFL Minnesota42527364.229947.0255.9133.146 2724595.8
1976NFL Minnesota41225561.929617.2174.181.956 2522196.7
1977NFL Minnesota25815560.117346.793.5145.459 2223294.6
1978NFL Minnesota57234560.334686.1254.4325.658 2725492.1
Totals6467368657.0470037.33425.32664.189 2742337


1961NFL Minnesota563085.552 5
1962NFL Minnesota413618.831 2
1963NFL Minnesota281625.824 1
1964NFL Minnesota503306.631 2
1965NFL Minnesota563566.436 1
1966NFL Minnesota623766.128 4
1967NFL New York443067.022 2
1968NFL New York573015.322 3
1969NFL New York371724.621 0
1970NFL New York432365.520 2
1971NFL New York301113.716 3
1972NFL Minnesota271806.721 0
1973NFL Minnesota412024.916 1
1974NFL Minnesota211205.715 2
1975NFL Minnesota161086.821 2
1976NFL Minnesota27451.720 1
1977NFL Minnesota1560.40
1978NFL Minnesota24-6-0.315 1
Totals67536745.452 32


1962NFL Minnesota-120.0 0

Defense and Fumbles:

YearTeamTackleSoloAssistDefSTTFLTFL YdsBrupQBHFumF RecF Rec YdsFR TDFFK Blk
1961NFL Minnesota8500
1962NFL Minnesota5200
1963NFL Minnesota7200
1964NFL Minnesota6200
1965NFL Minnesota5300
1966NFL Minnesota8400
1967NFL New York4000
1968NFL New York2000
1969NFL New York72000
1970NFL New York3300
1971NFL New York44-40
1972NFL Minnesota31000
1973NFL Minnesota5100
1974NFL Minnesota2000
1975NFL Minnesota13-30
1976NFL Minnesota42-90
1977NFL Minnesota32-1400
1978NFL Minnesota77-70

Total Scoring:

YearTeamRushRecPuntKickMFG RIntFumOtherFGX/CSingle2 PtSafPoints
1961NFL Minnesota500030
1962NFL Minnesota2000012
1963NFL Minnesota10006
1964NFL Minnesota200012
1965NFL Minnesota10006
1966NFL Minnesota400024
1967NFL New York200012
1968NFL New York300018
1970NFL New York200012
1971NFL New York300018
1973NFL Minnesota10006
1974NFL Minnesota200012
1975NFL Minnesota200012
1976NFL Minnesota10006
1978NFL Minnesota10006

Playing Career:

1961NFLMinnesota Vikings1410
1962NFLMinnesota Vikings1414
1963NFLMinnesota Vikings1413
1964NFLMinnesota Vikings1414
1965NFLMinnesota Vikings1414
1966NFLMinnesota Vikings1412
1967NFLNew York Giants1414
1968NFLNew York Giants1414
1969NFLNew York Giants1414
1970NFLNew York Giants1414
1971NFLNew York Giants1313
1972NFLMinnesota Vikings1414
1973NFLMinnesota Vikings1414
1974NFLMinnesota Vikings1313
1975NFLMinnesota Vikings1414
1976NFLMinnesota Vikings1313
1977NFLMinnesota Vikings99
1978NFLMinnesota Vikings1616


1975 - AP MVP
1975 - AP Offensive Player of the Year
1975 - Bert Bell Award (Player of the Year)
1975 - Newspaper Ent. Assoc. MVP
1975 - PFWA MVP


1970 - Pro Football Writers Association All-NFL (2nd Team)
1972 - The Sporting News All-Conference (1st Team)
1972 - United Press International All-Conference (1st Team)
1973 - Pro Football Writers Association All-NFL (2nd Team)
1973 - Associated Press All-NFL (2nd Team)
1973 - Newspaper Enterprise Association All-NFL (1st Team)
1973 - United Press International All-Conference (2nd Team)
1974 - United Press International All-Conference (2nd Team)
1975 - The Sporting News All-Conference (1st Team)
1975 - United Press International All-Conference (1st Team)
1975 - Associated Press All-Conference (1st Team)
1975 - Pro Football Writers Association All-NFL (1st Team)
1975 - Pro Football Weekly All-NFL (1st Team)
1975 - Pro Football Weekly All-Conference (1st Team)
1975 - Newspaper Enterprise Association All-NFL (1st Team)
1975 - Associated Press All-NFL (1st Team)
1976 - Pro Football Weekly All-Conference (1st Team)
1976 - United Press International All-Conference (1st Team)