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World Hockey Association Team Rosters, Statistics and Results

The World Hockey League challenged the NHL's supremacy in the hockey world beginning with the 1972-73 campaign. The league played seven seasons before folding and sending four of its teams to the National Hockey League.

WHA by Season

1972-73 | 1973-74 | 1974-75 | 1975-76 | 1976-77 | 1977-78 | 1978-79 |

WHA Yearly Standings
WHA Yearly Leaders

WHA Teams

Alberta Oilers
Birmingham Bulls
Calgary Cowboys
Chicago Cougars
Cincinnati Stingers
Cleveland Crusaders
Denver Spurs/Ottawa Civics
Edmonton Oilers
Houston Aeros
Indianapolis Racers
Los Angeles Sharks
Michigan Stags/Baltimore Blades
Minnesota Fighting Saints
Minnesota Fighting Saints
New England Whalers
New York Golden Blades/Jersey Knights
New York Raiders
Ottawa Nationals
Philadelphia Blazers
Phoenix Roadrunners
Quebec Nordiques
San Diego Mariners
Soviet All Stars
Toronto Toros
Vancouver Blazers
Winnipeg Jets

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