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Montreal Maroons

1933-34 Montreal Maroons Game Results

National Hockey League (NHL)
Team Record: 19-18-11 - 49 points
Finished 3rd in the NHL's Canadian Division

Postseason: 1-2-1
Lost NHL semi-finals

Quarter-Finals - Defeated New York Rangers on Total Goals: 2-1 (Games: 1-0-1)

Semi-Finals - Lost to Chicago Black Hawks on Total Goals: 6-2 (Games: 2-0)

Coach: Eddie Gerard (19-18-11)

1933-34 Montreal Maroons Roster
1933-34 Montreal Maroons Statistics

The Montreal Maroons of the National Hockey League ended the 1933-34 season with a record of 19 wins, 18 losses and 11 ties for 49 points, finishing third in the NHL's Canadian Division, and compiled a postseason mark of 1-2-1. Eddie Gerard coached the team. The 1933-34 Montreal Maroons lost in the NHL semi-finals.

Regular Season Goals For: 117
Regular Season Goals Against: 122

November 11, 1933Boston Bruins 2 at Montreal Maroons 3W1-0-00-0-01-0-0
November 14, 1933Montreal Maroons 2 at Ottawa Senators 4L1-0-00-1-01-1-0
November 16, 1933New York Americans 2 at Montreal Maroons 2T1-0-10-1-01-1-1OT
November 19, 1933Montreal Maroons 2 at New York Americans 2T1-0-10-1-11-1-2OT
November 21, 1933Montreal Canadiens 5 at Montreal Maroons 0L1-1-10-1-11-2-2
November 25, 1933New York Rangers 0 at Montreal Maroons 1W2-1-10-1-12-2-2
November 28, 1933Montreal Maroons 4 at Montreal Canadiens 1W2-1-11-1-13-2-2
November 30, 1933Toronto Maple Leafs 1 at Montreal Maroons 0L2-2-11-1-13-3-2
December 2, 1933Montreal Maroons 3 at Toronto Maple Leafs 8L2-2-11-2-13-4-2
December 5, 1933Detroit Red Wings 1 at Montreal Maroons 1T2-2-21-2-13-4-3OT
December 7, 1933Montreal Maroons 1 at Chicago Black Hawks 3L2-2-21-3-13-5-3
December 10, 1933Montreal Maroons 1 at Detroit Red Wings 3L2-2-21-4-13-6-3
December 16, 1933Ottawa Senators 2 at Montreal Maroons 3W3-2-21-4-14-6-3
December 19, 1933Montreal Maroons 0 at Boston Bruins 1L3-2-21-5-14-7-3OT
December 21, 1933Chicago Black Hawks 0 at Montreal Maroons 0T3-2-31-5-14-7-4OT
December 23, 1933Montreal Maroons 2 at Toronto Maple Leafs 8L3-2-31-6-14-8-4
December 25, 1933Montreal Maroons 0 at New York Rangers 3L3-2-31-7-14-9-4
December 30, 1933Montreal Canadiens 2 at Montreal Maroons 2T3-2-41-7-14-9-5OT
January 2, 1934Montreal Maroons 1 at Boston Bruins 0W3-2-42-7-15-9-5
January 4, 1934Montreal Maroons 5 at New York Americans 4W3-2-43-7-16-9-5OT
January 6, 1934Boston Bruins 2 at Montreal Maroons 4W4-2-43-7-17-9-5
January 9, 1934Montreal Maroons 2 at Montreal Canadiens 3L4-2-43-8-17-10-5
January 11, 1934Detroit Red Wings 1 at Montreal Maroons 1T4-2-53-8-17-10-6OT
January 14, 1934Montreal Maroons 1 at New York Rangers 3L4-2-53-9-17-11-6
January 16, 1934Chicago Black Hawks 5 at Montreal Maroons 6W5-2-53-9-18-11-6OT
January 18, 1934Montreal Maroons 1 at Detroit Red Wings 1T5-2-53-9-28-11-7OT
January 21, 1934Montreal Maroons 2 at Chicago Black Hawks 2T5-2-53-9-38-11-8OT
January 23, 1934Montreal Maroons 4 at Toronto Maple Leafs 8L5-2-53-10-38-12-8
January 25, 1934Toronto Maple Leafs 0 at Montreal Maroons 6W6-2-53-10-39-12-8
January 27, 1934New York Americans 1 at Montreal Maroons 2W7-2-53-10-310-12-8OT
January 30, 1934Montreal Maroons 2 at New York Americans 3L7-2-53-11-310-13-8
February 1, 1934Montreal Maroons 3 at Ottawa Senators 1W7-2-54-11-311-13-8
February 3, 1934New York Rangers 4 at Montreal Maroons 2L7-3-54-11-311-14-8
February 6, 1934Ottawa Senators 2 at Montreal Maroons 6W8-3-54-11-312-14-8
February 8, 1934Montreal Maroons 3 at Montreal Canadiens 2W8-3-55-11-313-14-8OT
February 10, 1934Boston Bruins 0 at Montreal Maroons 1W9-3-55-11-314-14-8
February 13, 1934Detroit Red Wings 6 at Montreal Maroons 1L9-4-55-11-314-15-8
February 15, 1934Montreal Maroons 4 at Boston Bruins 4T9-4-55-11-414-15-9OT
February 17, 1934New York Americans 4 at Montreal Maroons 2L9-5-55-11-414-16-9
February 20, 1934Montreal Maroons 6 at Ottawa Senators 2W9-5-56-11-415-16-9
February 22, 1934Montreal Canadiens 0 at Montreal Maroons 1W10-5-56-11-416-16-9
February 27, 1934Toronto Maple Leafs 2 at Montreal Maroons 1L10-6-56-11-416-17-9OT
March 1, 1934Montreal Maroons 4 at Detroit Red Wings 1W10-6-57-11-417-17-9
March 4, 1934Montreal Maroons 2 at Chicago Black Hawks 4L10-6-57-12-417-18-9
March 8, 1934New York Rangers 2 at Montreal Maroons 2T10-6-67-12-417-18-10OT
March 11, 1934Montreal Maroons 7 at New York Rangers 3W10-6-68-12-418-18-10OT
March 13, 1934Chicago Black Hawks 2 at Montreal Maroons 6W11-6-68-12-419-18-10
March 17, 1934Ottawa Senators 2 at Montreal Maroons 2T11-6-78-12-419-18-11OT
March 20, 1934New York Rangers 0 at Montreal Maroons 0T0-0-10-0-00-0-1OT
March 25, 1934Montreal Maroons 2 at New York Rangers 1W0-0-11-0-01-0-1
March 28, 1934Chicago Black Hawks 3 at Montreal Maroons 0L0-1-11-0-01-1-1
April 1, 1934Montreal Maroons 2 at Chicago Black Hawks 3L0-1-11-1-01-2-1