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Toronto Maple Leafs

1939-40 Toronto Maple Leafs Statistics

National Hockey League (NHL)
Team Record: 25-17-6 - 56 points
Finished 3rd in the NHL

Postseason: 6-4
Lost Stanley Cup finals

Quarter-Finals - Defeated Chicago Black Hawks 2-0

Semi-Finals - Defeated Detroit Red Wings 2-0

Stanley Cup Finals - Lost to New York Rangers 4-2

Coach: Dick Irvin (25-17-6)

1939-40 Toronto Maple Leafs Roster
1939-40 Toronto Maple Leafs Game-by-Game Results

The Toronto Maple Leafs of the National Hockey League ended the 1939-40 season with a record of 25 wins, 17 losses and 6 ties for 56 points, finishing third in the NHL, and compiled a postseason mark of 6-4 Dick Irvin coached the team. The 1939-40 Toronto Maple Leafs lost in the Stanley Cup finals


Gordie DrillonRW432119401300000000
Syl AppsC27131730500000000
Sweeney SchrinerLW391115261000000000
Bob DavidsonLW48818265600000000
Red HeronLW421112231200000000
Murph ChamberlainLW40517226300000000
Pete LangelleC3971421200000000
Pep KellyRW34119201500000000
Gus MarkerRW42109191500000000
Bingo KampmanD3969155900000000
Lex ChisholmC2868141100000000
Nick MetzLW316511200000000
Red HornerD3119108700000000
Hank GoldupLW216410200000000
Billy TaylorC294610900000000
Wally StanowskiD272791100000000
Bucko McDonaldD342571300000000
Jack ChurchD311456200000000
Reg HamiltonD232242300000000
Don MetzRW10112400000000
Turk BrodaG47000000000000
Phil SteinG1000000000000


Turk Broda472900251750410802.23
Phil Stein17000100201.71

Postseason - Scoring:

Syl AppsC1052720000000
Hank GoldupLW1051640000000
Gordie DrillonRW1031400000000
Sweeney SchrinerLW913440000000
Nick MetzLW913490000000
Gus MarkerRW10134230000000
Pete LangelleC1003300000000
Bob DavidsonLW10033160000000
Jack ChurchD1011260000000
Red HeronLW920220000000
Red HornerD9022550000000
Wally StanowskiD1010120000000
Billy TaylorC210100000000
Pep KellyRW601100000000
Bucko McDonaldD100000000000
Don MetzRW200000000000
Turk BrodaG1000000000000
Reg HamiltonD1000000000000
Murph ChamberlainLW300000000000
Bingo KampmanD1000000000000

Postseason - Goaltenders:

Turk Broda10657640011901.74