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George Fernandez

George William Fernandez Fernandez
Born: October 29, 1961
San Francisco, California
Coaching Career: 1994-2000

George Fernandez compiled a record of 112 wins, 104 losses and 0 ties in his coaching career with the Anaheim Splash, Cincinnati Silverbacks, Buffalo Blizzard and Cleveland Crunch. He began coaching during the 1994 season and last coached during the 2000 campaign.

Coaching Record:

Regular Season Playoffs
1994Anaheim Splash2820800060.714.7145230.400
1995Anaheim Splash28171100051.607.6076330.500
1996Cincinnati Silverbacks40211900063.525.5255230.400
1997Cincinnati Silverbacks40152500045.375.3753120.333
1998Buffalo Blizzard40221800066.550.5503120.333
1999Buffalo Blizzard32141800042.438.4380000
2000Cleveland Crunch8350009.375.3750000