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Landon Donovan

Landon Donovan
Born: March 4, 1982
Ontario, CA
Position: M
Height: 5'8" Weight: 155
Career: 2001-2018

Landon Donovan scored 150 goals and recorded 147 assists in his 348-game career with the San Jose Earthquakes, Los Angeles Galaxy, LA Galaxy and San Diego Sockers. He began playing during the 2001 season and last took the pitch during the 2018 campaign.


2001MLSSan Jose Earthquakes221716667104626304083015.226.9
2002MLSSan Jose Earthquakes20181681734223304543016.730.4
2003MLSSan Jose Earthquakes222118821265330303864022.640.0
2004MLSSan Jose Earthquakes2322201861051222646116011.827.3
2005MLSLos Angeles Galaxy22201886121049321936123024.537.5
2006MLSLos Angeles Galaxy242421471284428344483027.342.9
2007MLSLos Angeles Galaxy2524219181344201940113018.240.0
2008MLSLos Angeles Galaxy2523213620965401839154030.850.0
2009MLSLos Angeles Galaxy2523215212656292538111021.441.4
2010MLSLos Angeles Galaxy2424214171644202532143015.935.0
2011MLSLos Angeles Galaxy232119151234223363634028.652.2
2012MLSLos Angeles Galaxy262522569146529334356013.831.0
2013MLSLos Angeles Galaxy222118741093819242851026.352.6
2014MLSLos Angeles Galaxy3130272010196624313267015.241.7
2016MLSLA Galaxy6223310412201025.0100.0
2018-19MASLSan Diego Sockers8005112407000020.8

Postseason - Scoring:

2001MLSSan Jose Earthquakes6653552171162552029.445.5
2002MLSSan Jose Earthquakes2218011334310033.333.3
2003MLSSan Jose Earthquakes44393421558910026.780.0
2004MLSSan Jose Earthquakes221800122150100.00.0
2005MLSLos Angeles Galaxy44390411297830033.344.4
2009MLSLos Angeles Galaxy444203118881301016.737.5
2010MLSLos Angeles Galaxy332700062270000.00.0
2011MLSLos Angeles Galaxy443603111571002027.360.0
2012MLSLos Angeles Galaxy55444231247631016.750.0
2013MLSLos Angeles Galaxy222100071321000.00.0
2014MLSLos Angeles Galaxy55473321067502030.050.0
2016MLSLA Galaxy33222010023100
2018-19MASLSan Diego Sockers2000090300000.0


2003 - MLS Best XI
2008 - MLS Golden Boot
2008 - MLS Best XI
2009 - MLS Most Valuable Player
2009 - MLS Goal of the Year
2009 - MLS Best XI
2010 - MLS Best XI
2011 - MLS Best XI
2012 - MLS Best XI
2014 - MLS Best XI