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Don Ebert

Don Ebert
Born: June 4, 1959
St. Louis, Missouri
Position: F
Height: 6'1" Weight: 170
Career: 1980-1987

Don Ebert scored 254 goals and recorded 133 assists in his 312-game career with the St. Louis Steamers, New York Cosmos and Los Angeles Lazers. He began playing during the 1980 season and last took the pitch during the 1987 campaign.


1980-81MISLSt. Louis Steamers4000461928900000015.9
1981-82MISLSt. Louis Steamers4400521929500000017.6
1982-83MISLSt. Louis Steamers3700381914000000027.1
1983-84MISLSt. Louis Steamers3900211710700000019.6
1984-85MISLSt. Louis Steamers4400332014700000022.4
1985-86MISLSt. Louis Steamers460034210000000
1986-87MISLLos Angeles Lazers170011658021000019.0
1986-87MISLSt. Louis Steamers270015127300000020.5
1987-88MISLLos Angeles Lazers1800401200000033.3

Postseason - Scoring:

1980-81MISLSt. Louis Steamers400412400000016.7
1981-82MISLSt. Louis Steamers1000844100000019.5
1982-83MISLSt. Louis Steamers300561000000050.0
1983-84MISLSt. Louis Steamers1200974200000021.4
1984-85MISLSt. Louis Steamers2000450000000.0
1985-86MISLSt. Louis Steamers400400000000