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Kazimierz Frankiewicz

Kazimierz Frankiewicz , "Casey"
Born: January 8, 1939
Pultisk, Poland
Position: F
Height: 5'11" Weight: 158
Career: 1967-1974

Kazimierz Frankiewicz scored 42 goals and recorded 18 assists in his 146-game career with the St. Louis Stars and Boston Minutemen. He began playing during the 1967 season and last took the pitch during the 1974 campaign.


1967NPSLSt. Louis Stars2900310000000
1968NASLSt. Louis Stars31001670000000
1969NASLSt. Louis Stars600000000000
1970NASLSt. Louis Stars2400000000000
1971NASLSt. Louis Stars24001450000000
1972NASLSt. Louis Stars1200530000000
1973NASLSt. Louis Stars1800420000000
1974NASLBoston Minutemen200000000000