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Kevin Handlan

Kevin Handlan
Born: July 10, 1956
St. Louis, MO
Position: M,F
Height: 5'8" Weight: 140
Career: 1978-1984

Kevin Handlan scored 28 goals and recorded 33 assists in his 176-game career with the Tulsa Roughnecks, San Jose Earthquakes, St. Louis Steamers, Chicago Horizons and Kansas City Comets. He began playing during the 1978 season and last took the pitch during the 1984 campaign.


1978NASLTulsa Roughnecks200000000000
1978NASLSan Jose Earthquakes200000000000
1979-80MISLSt. Louis Steamers1400020000000
1980-81MISLChicago Horizons290013140000000
1981-82MISLKansas City Comets410078820000008.5
1982-83MISLKansas City Comets3900332700000011.1
1983-84MISLKansas City Comets4500563600000013.9
1984-85MISLKansas City Comets4000010000000.0

Postseason - Scoring:

1980-81MISLChicago Horizons300200000000
1982-83MISLKansas City Comets200000000000
1983-84MISLKansas City Comets400010000000