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Mike Hunter

Mike Hunter
Born: September 30, 1958
Los Angeles, California
Position: D
Height: 5'8" Weight: 160
Career: 1979-1985

Mike Hunter scored 39 goals and recorded 51 assists in his 287-game career with the Detroit Lightning, San Jose Earthquakes, Golden Bay Earthquakes and Los Angeles Lazers. He began playing during the 1979 season and last took the pitch during the 1985 campaign.


1979-80MISLDetroit Lightning2000420000000
1980-81NASL IndoorSan Jose Earthquakes180019280000003.6
1980NASLSan Jose Earthquakes1300000000000
1981-82NASL IndoorSan Jose Earthquakes1800670000000
1981NASLSan Jose Earthquakes1700130000000
1982-83MISLGolden Bay Earthquakes46001390000000
1982NASLSan Jose Earthquakes3000030000000
1983-84NASL IndoorGolden Bay Earthquakes3500970000000
1983NASLGolden Bay Earthquakes2500020000000
1984NASLGolden Bay Earthquakes1300120000000
1984-85MISLLos Angeles Lazers3100353704600008.1
1985-86MISLLos Angeles Lazers2100122904700003.4

Postseason - Scoring:

1984-85MISLLos Angeles Lazers3000160700000.0