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Tim Schulz

Tim Schulz
Born: March 1, 1962
Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Position: M,D
Height: 6'1" Weight: 170
Career: 1981-1992

Tim Schulz scored 19 goals and recorded 34 assists in his 234-game career with the Denver Avalanche, San Jose Earthquakes, Golden Bay Earthquakes, St. Louis Steamers and Denver Thunder. He began playing during the 1981 season and last took the pitch during the 1992 campaign.


1981-82MISLDenver Avalanche700000000000
1981-82NASL IndoorSan Jose Earthquakes1600460000000
1981NASLSan Jose Earthquakes400000000000
1983-84NASL IndoorGolden Bay Earthquakes2800130000000
1984-85MISLSt. Louis Steamers450026440000004.5
1984NASLGolden Bay Earthquakes1600010000000
1986-87MISLSt. Louis Steamers450038540000005.6
1987-88MISLSt. Louis Steamers5500766300000011.1
1992-93NPSLDenver Thunder1800242703100007.4

Postseason - Scoring:

1981-82MISLDenver Avalanche200110000000
1984-85MISLSt. Louis Steamers2000010000000.0