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Wichita Wings

1979-80 Wichita Wings Statistics

Major Indoor Soccer League (MISL)
Team Record: 16-16
in the MISL's Western Division

Postseason: 1-2
Lost Division Final

Coach: Roy Turner (16-16-0)

1979-80 Wichita Wings Roster

The Wichita Wings of the Major Indoor Soccer League ended the 1979-80 season with a record of 16 wins and 16 losses in the MISL's Western Division, and compiled a postseason mark of 1-2. Roy Turner coached the team. The 1979-80 Wichita Wings lost in the Division Final.


Omar GomezM,F19002813930010030.1
Jim RyanF29002629000100
Kevin KewleyD,M28002019000240
Norman PiperF,M3000182100000
Willie AndersonF180015600020
Garry AyreD,D/M,M2500144000100
Chris CollinsM,D310011200040
Freddie GarciaF,M290011500040
Andy ChapmanF1700111300000
George LeyD29001019000180
Frank BartonM,D270098000140
Art WelchF11004300040
Joe HowarthD290031000180
Keith GehlingD27003400080
Mike CusterF5001100000
Juan Carlos MichiaD,F400116002016.7
Carl ChristensenD28001100000
Glenn MyernickD150014000140
Roland SikingerG3000000020
Mike IvanowG14000000020
Keith Van EronG20000200080
Mike HobgoodF1000000000
Ceasar CervinF20000100020


Keith Van Eron2001050:00805336895.090010800.417
Mike Ivanow140792:00511269705.30006600.526
Roland Sikinger3086:007333128.37000200.452
Brad Higgs200:000000.00000000
Totals390 19281389638171 7.9800161600.459

Postseason - Scoring:

Omar GomezM,F30042160040001025.0
Kevin KewleyD,M30041000002000
George LeyD30020000401000
Andy ChapmanF20011000200000
Norman PiperF,M30011000000000
Jim RyanF30013000200000
Willie AndersonF30003000000000
Frank BartonM,D30002000000000
Carl ChristensenD20000000000000
Mike CusterF30000000000000
Glenn MyernickD30000000000000
Joe HowarthD30000000400000
Keith GehlingD30000000000000
Keith Van EronG30000000000000
Totals40 001313 160016 0301081.3 0.0

Postseason - Goalkeepers:

Keith Van Eron30185:0013358146.81001200.436
Totals3018513358 146.81001200.436